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What a Saint.

When the Saints go marching in..

I’m a huge Southampton fan, as many of you readers may already know. Every week they play a Saints match on the TV, my twitter followers are subject to a large amount of tweets from me, on the match. Yesterdays game against Pompey was no exception.

Okay, maybe I tweeted a lot more yesterday than I would normally, but Pompey are our rivals. Derby day, won’t happen again until April, so count yourselves lucky! What made me happy about the game yesterday is after Rickie Lamberts goal yesterday, he was trending throughout the UK. That’s power right there.

by far my favourite Saints chant

You can read a lot online about the rivalry, which when I read it a few weeks ago I found really interesting. Although we act worlds apart, they’re currently going through a similar thing to us, and although I’d never wish them to go bankrupt, I’m pretty sure that when we had our monetary problems, they milked it for all it was worth.┬áVicious circle really.

For my birthday this year, I surprised everyone by asking for a football shirt…


It surprised everyone because before last year, I had been quite quiet about football. I’d never been to a football match and I’d never got up and shouted about how I love it. That was a rather sudden change for me, but getting into football was brilliant. I feel like I’m part of a community, online though, not where I live. What isn’t brilliant is having a similar looking shirt to the Stoke City Football Club (which is my current local team). Whenever I wear it out, I get mixed reactions, most look confused, some look pleased when they see me from afar, but as I get closer they look at me with obvious rage. How dare I not support Stoke, but then confuse everyone by supporting a football team with the same colours! Well I never.

This also brings me on to the next thing which isn’t brilliant. See, I’m from Manchester. I was born there and until I moved to Stoke I’ve always lived there. Which poses the most frequently asked question – “Why do you support Southampton if you’re from Manchester?

This question irritates me quite a lot, who says that a person has to support their local team? My local team is Stalybridge Celtic, and they’re fucking shit. Most people think I should support Manchester United or Manchester City, but I don’t. I dislike them both strongly, City less so, us as a family hate United. (as well as Pompey). I get that question all the time though, and I am getting sick of explaining it. I might be from Manchester, but my family are not. Southampton is my family team, have been for a long time.

quite the fan

That there is a picture of my cousin Richie in 2007. This photo was used on the official Southampton Website. We were all so proud. This guy though is the one who takes me to the football matches now. I love going with him, he’s so brilliant and so passionate about the mighty Saints. Him and his wife are currently expecting a baby boy, they’re naming him Matthew after the great Le Tiss.

That’s how much my family love Southampton.

Even with all the stuff that annoys me, it’s worth it, Southampton are a great team, no matter what anyone says, and through ups and downs I will always support them.

I hope we get promoted this year, we so deserve to give the Premier League another crack. We’ve got so many top class players.


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Video killed the Radio star.

I’ve gone and done a video with words instead of letters.


Video quality is poor because I have the worlds worst laptop webcam, soz.
If someone wants to buy me something better than donations are welcome.


Give me ideas for more videos!