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Pyramids and interviews

Well, today I had an interview. It’s not my first since finishing university, but hopefully it will be my last.


The pyramid in Stockport, it’s where the job is, at the co operative banking group 🙂

It would be a great job to have, as I’ve always worked in customer service and it’s something I enjoy. You may think it isn’t the best use of a broadcast journalism degree, but that’s you and not me, and I’ll do what I like to better my skills.

I need to move out, I want to be in my own place, and not with my family.

I love them, but, I can’t do this after three years of uni.

Good luck me!


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Back with a brand new rap.

I’m well aware that it’s been a really long time since I used this site. Life kinda got in the way a bit.

I’ve now finished uni, I’m all grown up.


Now I’ve got the endless hunt for a job, and boy, it’s taking its sweet time.

I know, I only graduated two weeks ago, what’s the rush? Well, I’ve never been unemployed before, I can’t say I’m enjoying it all too much!

The job centre is a depressing place though, I hope I don’t have to keep going there for long…

I’ve been rejected for so many jobs and it is starting to take its toll, sleepless nights, endless worry, constantly eating cake. I don’t want this life! I want to be doing something, challenging myself, I know there’s something out there but I want it now!

I have an interview tomorrow, I’m feeling confident, but I don’t want to get my hopes up because I’ve been there before.

So, expect more posts from me, I hope you can handle it.

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Quiet Rebellion.

Today on mine and Leah’s show we had Quiet Rebellion, who is a guy from Yorkshire called Shaun Hunter.

Us + Quiet Rebellion

It was a really good interview, I’ve never interviewed a musician before, so it was something new to try and it went really well and sounded really well. He was a genuinely nice guy, and has a beautiful voice (and does amazing impressions which unfortunately didn’t make it to air).

If you want to listen to the full interview, including two live tracks, here you go!


He told us all about what got him into making music, and just how long he’s been singing and creating music for, as well as telling us his plans for the next year and who inspires him.

To find him online click here. He mentions the website in the interview and how you can get yourself a copy of one of his most recent tracks!