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You’ve got mail.

Something arrived for me in the post this afternoon, I wonder what it could be..

This could be promising..

Yes, I have blurred out my address. For obvious reasons.
Anyway, It’s arrived! My NHS ‘Quit Smoking‘ pack is finally here. And it’s full of amazing things to help me keep track of my quitting 🙂

I've not stopped playing with the twisty thing since it arrived.

I’m really pleased with it, and the fact that it’s arrived after I’ve successfully managed a week without smoking is encouraging me to continue.

On the matter of post, this also arrived yesterday.

lots of little healthy snacks!

This should most certainly keep me going for a few days, and they’re probably healthier substitutes for smoking, I’ve been going down the ‘eating loads of chocolate and drinking loads of fizzy drinks’ route. Not good. But yeah, I was a bit skeptical at first but this graze box looks incredible, and I’ve actually decided I’m going to get one every week for a few weeks.

If anyone is interested in getting one I have a gift code which I’ll be very happy to share with you guys. (it also gets me money off my order as well as giving you two free boxes!)

So today, even though I’m sickly ill with a headache and no voice, is a good day. I love getting post.