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I seriously think you should consider reading my new blog, it’s not bad.

It’s for my web based journalism module as a part of my course.

Never has Maddy Ever

It’s basically me trying new things, giving things up, go on it, read it, please follow it, post comments, ideas, feedback.

I’m happy to hear what you think and what you want to see me do next. I’m probably going to try and carry it on for as long as possible because it really is a lot of fun, and it’s pushing me to do things I don’t normally do. Ever.

I’m winning right now.

This week I’m doing no social networking, so this is my sneaky way of getting around the sharing issue I’m currently having.

If you would like to share my new blog, please do. I’d really appreciate it, I might bake you a cake once I’ve got the hang of it.


Author: Maddy Andrews

Twenty one years old, Broadcast Journalism Student, News Editor in Chief for One Media Radio.

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